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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Little vintage beetles......

 Ive missed making creepy crawly beetles so finished off this little batch today and  I feel a lot better!All made from tiny segments of vintage tablecloths.
The sun was pouring in today and it was a great day for making things and getting work photographed. You really cant beat natural light can you?

Of course I would feel right if i didn't include a 'cat-outtake' image.

At least it gives you a sense of scale!

All in my esty shop now!


Monday, 30 May 2011


Bulbs that's right bulbs.
I love them and they are easy to grow and they also quench my need to see things growing in water with roots shooting out everywhere.
I love how tight and hard they are and the different papery textures.Inside is a flower sleeping curled up waiting.
As much as I love the flower I do think its the shiny budding head that I like the most how it bursts through and often really fast overnight you can see definite changes in size.
But all to often it flowers fast has a big growth spurt becomes unstable and withers and dies and then its gone.
So in honour of the sprouting bulb and all its promises of spring I wanted to make my own version.
Using textiles to illustrate the rough and the smooth.

So here is some that Ive made. Not sure what the response will be to them but I really like how they have a quiet little presence.

Displayed simply on jam jars-easy.
Obviously without any water.

String for roots and glossy green artificial leaves curled round for the sprout..
The sides have been hand embroidered and stained with a light tea wash.
As with most things I did get a bit obsessed with them.
Hhhmmmmn how obsessed can you get with making bulbs?
Are you ready?


Look at the big one its a beast!!

I was just thinking then I wonder how many people thought I was going to be wearing a huge sprouting bulb costume and walking around the house in it...........making moths and magpies.
What a fantastic idea..............................!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Clearwing moths

Here's some shots of new moths that are now in my etsy shop.
These are a sort of hybrid of a moth and the glass/clear wing butterfly. A clear butterfly isn't that just exquisite.
If you've never seen one here's a pic.

Love how frail its seems and those veins just seem incredible to me.
So from the whole process of making the flying fish wings Ive adapted them to make similar wings.

A clear butterfly,whatever next ...............A fish with a see through head!?
Well that exists too!

Glass bellied frog anyone?



Okay ok ill stop!


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Magpies nest cont.......................

Thought that you might want to see what happened with the Magpies nest next.
Its now sealed in a garden cloche with a cake stand base and a miniature cloche on top with a handle from one of those tiered cake stands.
I wanted to protect it as soon as I could as I have 3 very nosey cats.

Heres Vivienne trying not to look interested but I know that shes seen it.
She knows that I know she knows that she's seen it.

she doesn't fool me...................

Monday, 23 May 2011

What are the chances.............................

So yesterday I'm working at my desk making magpies,la la la la la.
Drinking tea and in my own world. My desk is opposite the window which is brilliant as not only is it lovely and bright but I also get to see the comes and goings of everything on the street.
I'm going to say its great for watching birds etc but I would love to know what that woman on the end does in that shed for so long after 6pm.But that is a different story.

Seriously though it amazing for watching birds as just across the road is a plum tree and about 10ft from this is a cherry tree so not only is the blossom amazing and I get to see it snow down on everything it does attract a lot of birds.I would hang bird feeders outside my window to encourage them but I have tried that.
Half an hour later you have 3 cats throwing themselves at the window and knocking everything over.
Ive watched a pair of magpies come and go form the top of a tree for weeks which was great but they have gone now.This isn't so sad as where I live is near the city and there are magpies everywhere.
So Yesterday making magpies,drinking tea.....Very windy outside-ridiculously windy outside.
Imagine the scene from the Wizard of Oz before the house flies off (you get the picture).
I go down stairs to make another tea...............look out of the window.............

Whats that on the ground?..............................

Can you guess?

A magpies nest!!!!
 So I threw myself across the road picked it up and ran into the house like a crazy person panting.

It survived in amazing condition,there were no eggs or feathers or anything like that in it.
It looked like it hadnt been used in a while and I would never take something like this from the wild.
Its was really heavy and packed tightly with mud. Ive checked it agianst other Magpie nests on the internet and it does look exactly like the others.
What are the chances of a man making Magpies finding a pracitcally complete Mapie nest on his doorstep.!!?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Glass stopper spider..........................

I collected quite a few of those big glass stoppers you know the ones that you see quite often at junk shops and flea markets. I love them but haven't used them for anything.
Then I thought about using the body for spiders!
My absolute favourite creature! Hurrah! Any excuse to make a spider!

Oh and yes you may have noticed that the blog is now white.
Fancied a change.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Things been very hectic lately which is marvelous.
Ive done so much sewing lately that literally my fingers are sore typing this blog.
But I'm pleased with progress and wouldn't have it any other way.
Have gone back and reworked a few patterns,making things easier as the more you sew the more of the 'little shortcuts' that you pick up.Next time Ill do it like this or that.
Ive also got a new machine which is an old semi industrial one i think its from the 50's.
I love her and wish I had got something similar a long time ago,but again its all a learning curve. With the new machine I can sew far heavier layers and use heavier stiffeners etc,and for this reason i revisited my magpie pattern.With new ways of stiffening fabrics and linking pieces together which really started being used with the moths I wanted to apply a few things Id learnt.
So the new magpies have more alert bodies and taller and again more alert tails,its this that I found hard to capture but now feel like i have hit a formula.
I tried doing all sorts with them,adding little jewels,sequins,bow ties,lace and all of the little frilly things. Nothing really worked for other than having them as plain as possible and having Strong blacks and velvets and block bright whites.

Today like most lately wasn't the best day for photography and its hard to get the lighting right otherwise they look like black blobs.
Hopefully you can see them clearly enough.
Ive used white stitching on the black bodies as I love the effect. It gives them more of a home/handmade feel.
I never seem to match up stitching,Little flashes of contrasting colours can look really great.
Fluorescent green stitching on old traditional tweed looks brilliant i know that sounds awful but once finished and everything is pulled tight and you have a neat line the fluorescent just looks like a bright green.
Never be afraid of using odd threads.
The magpies are life size so they are quite large and in all I'm going to make 9 for a display.
I'm very fond of them but the good thing is I can always make a few for myself.
I think its nice if you make things all the time for other to make yourself something
The pugs head pincushion I made for myself recently has become a real favourite and I use him daily.
So today make your self a little something,Something to go on your desk,wall or a little keyring.
We've all got lots of scraps! Or print of some fab pictures for inspiration.
I came across this unique and incredibley simple way of using up jars and random images/photos.

Brilliant isn't it!
I honestly cant remember where I got this image from but if you know let me know and ill put a link up to it.
Ive got some images of magpies in a few on my desk and they look great.
Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday,I am supposed to be sewing today but its not happening so far,so ill give myself the day off and maybe wash some more glass jars.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Tapestry moths...........

Ive been working with old and rescued tapestry's lately.
Since Ive got a new sewing machine that sews far heavier fabrics than I'm used to I though i would give these a go.
They worked out brilliantly. Just the right texture for a moth all those tiny handmade stitches.

All of these are now in my etsy shop.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Pugs and pins

Just finished making a pair of pugs head pincushions.
I used a vintage pair of candlesticks as the base as they were just the right kind of weight that I was looking for.
I like how they have turned and out and am making some more right away.

And also finished today a black dodo.

Oh and I nearly forgot this little creature.
A little deers head with a large green ribbon.

Today even though it was bright wasn't the best day for taking images not sure why.
Some days it all just works easily.
Today was not one of those days!
So Im sorry that they are a bit flat!