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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Busy busy and caterpillar fabric...............

Sorry not blogged in a little while but have been busy.
Have lots to do and lots to make,lots and lots to make.
So I thought that i would write everything down onto a large wipe on wipe off board all the things that I have to make and then tick them off as I make them.
Err no now I can see ALL THE THINGS I HAVE TO MAKE!!!
Sent myself into a bit of a spin,so to calm myself down I'm going for a run. When I go for a run things are bad!!
Here's a few bugs that are going into my Esty shop today. Even though I make lots for everyone else's shop I do love having things in my Etsy shop.

Also in my sea of craziness that is my crafty life at the moment I did get some post today.
I got some fabric that I ordered off eBay. Have you seen this new collection?
Its illustrations from 'The Hungry Caterpillar' the children's book.
Well they have released quite a number of different ones there are lots to choose from and not all of them are below.

I bought the dots one above its so nice,I love it.
 I did actually get really excited about it,like really excited about it. On reflection it might have been too many cups of tea plus the anxiety attack brought on by writing my life onto a large blank wipe off board.
Either way it was a bit of that joy when you were a child opening up a book and feeling so excited.
For the breifest moment I got this,and it made everything okay.
Especially as its not a cheap fabric to buy.
I dont like getting Fat Quarters of fabric as its never enough.
I did get two FQ of this though as a treat.
So if life is getting a bit on top of you.
Dont write it all down on a large board and get your self on ebay and buy some of this fabric and hopefully the world will fall back into place.
If not I alway find drinking Red wine helps.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Butterfly Beetles.................

Here's a couple of beetles from this weeks table.
These are made with little butterfly samplers that I had. Admittedly I have had them a while and wasn't really sure what to do with them as they were small and round and a little delicate.
I think they make a nice feature,beetles and butterflies together.Perfect.

The next insect/bug I'm thinking of doing is a Vinegaroon.
Beautiful,I love them,they do look slightly terrifying but if you look at them on the Internet there are tons of pictures of people holding them.
They feed on cockroaches and crickets so are valuble as pest control.

Black leather and iron wire me thinks.