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Monday, 29 August 2011

New stockist.............

I have been very busy lately working on pieces for a new stockist. Rory Dobner.
I'm so thrilled to be stocking him and his shop which is located inside The Shop at Bluebird in Chelsea in London.
Here are some images of the team transforming the space........
I was asked to install a 10ft spiders web which I made from fishing line.
 It took me over 8 hours but looked great and I was so happy with the result.
 In different light it sparkled and looked very realistic.

With a training in fine art at Chelsea and Central St.Martin’s – artist Rory Dobner has worked and exhibited in the UK, USA, Australia, Haiti, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. An impressive client list includes Agent Provocateur, MTV, Soho House Group, Christian Dior, IBM, Robin Ellis Design & Build and London Fashion Week and more.

Steel paintings, intricate Ink Alphabet Tiles, vintage furniture, plates, deed boxes, vintage cabinets and glass domes are all complimented by the works of Matrushka, Mr Finch, Kate Halfpenny and Whitehorne.

Just thought I would give you some sneak pics,its getting professionally photographed in a few days so will share some of those with you then.

I couldn't be happier.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Two headed bird...........................

A two headed bird and a wolf are finished today.
They are going to Chelsea with some other creatures that I have made.
Ive worked with a more minimal colour palette of dirty whites and blacks and I quite like it.
It was hard at first but now I'm warming to these new colours.

The engraved sheild reads....I am ruined by rain and weathered by wind and still I ask will you want me.
Small china roses decorate the sides,Ive had them for a while and they seem perfect for this little bird.

Also to go down with the bird is a little wolf complete with black mask and ruff.

He stands on a vintage baking tin and this is engraved with......You should always save pain for daylight...
I love this line somebody says it in the film The talented Mr Ripley.
Some things just strike a cord and though its a little dark I do think its lovely.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Ah seahorses.........Ive been working on a pattern for them for a little while now.I consciously didn't want to make something that was cartoon-y with bright garish colours with daft googly eyes.
I wanted to create something more sedate and calmer

Friday, 19 August 2011

Magic moonbeam brothers..........................

These little guys are dry today so whilst there was a little light left thought I would show you them.
These are going to London for part of a big order.
I have a lot to make lately and awful lot actually.
I do try to mix it up so I'm not making the same thing over and over as this can quickly kill the joy!
I am lucky, very lucky to be doing exactly what I love doing though so I'm not complaining!
All thoughts are turning towards making stock for Christmas now always seems too early!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who comments so regularly on my posts. You know who you are.
I may not always get chance to thank you but I just wanted to let you now that its really appreciated and flattering that you have interest in my things.
Hope your thoughts haven't turned to Christmas yet and are still enjoying the season where you are in the world.

Best wishes,

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Handmirror spider...............

I made this little spider today.
The embroidery comes from the back of a hand mirror I believe from the 50's by the style of it.
The mirror was cracked and destined for the rubbish but I managed to save it and turn it into a little beast.
Very satisfying making something into a little bug!

I also got a brush with it which is the perfect size for a moths body!
A good days foraging I think!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Have been working on some new moth shapes.I wanted them to look more 'mothy' (I know that's not even a word,or is it?)
So I have made the bodies a bit shorter and a lot fatter. Some new wing shapes too. I like them more than the other ones.
Also some moths made from velvet which I haven't done before.
I have a love /hate thing with velvet. It is beautiful and you can age it fabulously with sandpaper and graters etc. However I love to really pack my things as tightly as I can.
I like really firm bases and shapes and often the velvet will just tear of spilt at the seams.
I sew alot with polyester so the seams themselves don't go it next to the seams generally.
I know the solution is to now pack them as tight.
But I get carried away with just a little more stuffing!

Velvet discuss.................

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Have had my work room repainted and had some lino put down. Was having a nightmare with threads on the carpet. I use quite thick polyester thread so it wasn't the best thing to be going up the hoover!
Also with the new scheme I had a fire surround put back in as I thought the room was lacking it.
It also gives me a new surface to put my miniature metal chair collection on!
I can hang stocking now at Xmas for the cats from it!

I don't really tell my friends that I collect little chairs as it can easily become one of those things where all you get are little chairs for presents.
Only certain chairs make the grade! I know I have few of the same one but they look nice arranged for tea!
I had a friend who had a poodle,all she got was poodle themed presents.
She hated it and in the end I think she said to everyone to stop it.
I think I did buy her a poodle oven glove so I am guilty.
Let me know if you collect anything?

Poor Vivienne has had to be re homed in my workroom as she did used to sleep in a cupboard but its gone now.
Shes got a new suitcase home on my desk.
How cute.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Hares with ruffles and kettles.............

Here are some images of new hares Ive been making.
They are for one of the main shops that I supply Luna and Curious in London.

Little clogs and a kettle,I think this one is a girl.

A darker hare with mask and ruffle.
I'm quite attached to him.
Hes up to no good,sometimes you can just tell!

I think this one may be ready for bed.............

Three hedgehog brothers with little embroidered cloaks.

It wasnt my idea it was Viviennes.